Nikon D800 – The Wait Continues…….

Another Image Not Shot On My Nikon D800 - Sunset, Knights Point, South Westland, New Zealand

Another Image Not Shot On My Nikon D800 - Sunset, Knights Point, South Westland, New Zealand

Could it Be True? Is the Nikon D800 Nearly Here? 

Last week I posted a piece entitled Nikon D800 – Is My New Nikon Nearly Here?  It was actually a follow up to a similar article I had knocked out two years prior – it has been a long wait.

Last week the waiting seemed to be coming to an end – the 26th of October was the magic date upon which Nikon would unleash the D800 upon a totally suspecting world.

Well the 26th has come and gone in every time zone that I am aware of and still no announcement.

Fellow New Zealand landscape photographer and ice photography guru (fetishist? :) Petr Hlavacek has photos of glaciers that are moving faster than the D800 development team.  In my first post I alluded to Nikon’s FX development being akin to Guns ‘n Roses recording output.  At this pace I expect Axl will have re-united with the ‘classic’ Gunners lineup and put out an album before we see the Nikon D800!

I am aware that the past 12 months has sucked for Nikon – they have had to cope with earthquakes, nuclear meltdowns and now Noah-grade floods in Thailand.

Nikon, why not take a leaf out of Canon’s play book?  Just announce the damn thing – have a party – people don’t seem to mind that Canon announce their gear 6 or more months before they hit the streets.  It heightens the tension, increases the hype and builds (irrational) levels of positivity (it is after all, just a camera body).

Announcing now is acknowledgement that maybe, just maybe you  hear us.

Just do it. Announce the D800.


4 comments on “Nikon D800 – The Wait Continues…….

  1. Christ I know right? I should have bought the damn D700 2 years ago when I was worried about it being obsolete in a few months… Oh well, it gave me some more time to save my pennies.

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