Circular Polarizers Compared & Reviewed

Aoraki Mt Cook Summit At Sunset.  South Island New Zealand

Aoraki Mt Cook Summit At Sunset. South Island New Zealand.
I used a polarizer on this one to ‘pop’ the mountain out from the surrounding sky – it also boosted the colour in the blowing snow.

Yep, I am officially the world’s most exciting individual.  Rather than go skiing last weekend I decided to stand in my garden and take countless photos of an innocuous bush with three different brands of circular polariser.

Who needs a D800e review when you have this kind of white knuckle content to look at?

Actually, I really did this because I wasn’t sure whether the Marumi Polarisers that I use were up to the job  on the Nikon D800e – so I compared them to their posher German Heliopan cousins and an older Hoya.

It is Toyota v BMW in polarising face-off.

The results may surprise you:  Which Circular Polarizer is Best For Your DSLR

Cheers – Todd