Do I Really Need That D800? – Maybe a Lumix Will Do The Trick.

I love this commercial especially the much tighter 30 second version that I can’t find anywhere online.

I relate to this guy – I really do. Cameras these days really are unbelievably good and for the most part there are very few technical decisions that have to be made – and certainly even fewer that can’t be picked up and resolved by a quick look at the ridiculously good LCD on the back of your DSLR.

I know I shoot consistently better on digital than I ever did on film.

So next time Nikon or Canon makes a faux pas like this year’s famous ‘you are only as good as your gear’ facebook post stop and think before you launch into an indignant flame-fest.

Sure your camera couldn’t make great photos without you – but try making great photos without your camera……


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