Do I Really Need That D800? – Maybe a Lumix Will Do The Trick.

I love this commercial especially the much tighter 30 second version that I can’t find anywhere online.

I relate to this guy – I really do. Cameras these days really are unbelievably good and for the most part there are very few technical decisions that have to be made – and certainly even fewer that can’t be picked up and resolved by a quick look at the ridiculously good LCD on the back of your DSLR.

I know I shoot consistently better on digital than I ever did on film.

So next time Nikon or Canon makes a faux pas like this year’s famous ‘you are only as good as your gear’ facebook post stop and think before you launch into an indignant flame-fest.

Sure your camera couldn’t make great photos without you – but try making great photos without your camera……


How To Photograph Reflections in Nature – Part 1 – ‘Get Down & Dirty’

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The Power Of Reflection

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New Canvas Print Sizes

Canvas Print Sunrise Otago Peninsula Cabbage Tree New Zealand

Canvas Print - Sunrise Otago Peninsula, New Zealand

We have recently introduced several new canvas print sizes on the sisson webstore.

We now have four standard canvas print sizes of  ranging from Mini (500 x 330mm) through to Mondo (1200 x 800mm).

We will be introducing a large number of images to the New Zealand Canvas Print range over the coming weeks and I will keep you up to date via Facebook and Twitter.

Cheers – Todd