The Nikon D800 / D800e Handheld (sample images)

It transpires that the Nikon D800 be hand held with excellent results – but we all knew this would be the case.

There has been quite a bit of discussion online as to whether handheld D800 images would look like 36MP versions of a 2005 cell phone camera image.  This fear was largely fuelled by Nikon’s own pre-launch warnings (straight from the legal department) about the D800 spontaneously combusting if hand held. Luckily some lab-coat toting boffins quickly figured out that the D800 has the same pixel pitch (same sized pixels) as the Nikon D7000.  I have been hand holding shots on  the D7000 for a year and have never had any nasty surprises when using proper technique.

Take a gander at this shot.  Sure, it is not my finest work from an artistic perspective, but it is pretty much technically perfect.  The point you ask?

To make this shot, I put down my beer, ambled out of my In-Law’s lounge, cranked the ISO to 400 and proceeded to hand-held a series of shots using the D800e and the exceptional nikkor 70-200mm f2.8 VRII.   I tested the efficacy of the VR system on this lens in my complete lens review : view my handheld 70-200mm f/2.8 VRII sample images.

As you will see below, the shots out of the can looked absolutely terrible, but after 4 minutes in LR4 this was the result – a tack sharp hand held image that has complete tonal range with no blown highlights.

Download the full resolution D800e sample JPEGS

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Cheers – Todd

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Landscape image sample taken on the D800e with nikon 70-200mm f2.8 VRII – All that colour in the sky has been achieved simply by reducing the exposure using a LR4 grad filter and some vibrance. The DR of the D800 is incredible.

nikon D800e handheld 100% crop

nikon D800e handheld 100% crop

The original camera file – it looks like a train wreck, but it is not so. The D800e arrived at this exposure (it tends to do a great job of knowing it’s own limits and exposes to the right consistently well, which retains heaps of tonal and colour info in the shadows)

Wellington – College Street

Here are a few images I made while walking around College Street in Wellington yesterday.

All made on the D800e and using the nikkor 50mm f/1.8 lens. The D800e was set to auto-ISO (max 6400) Daylight or Auto WB. I was incredibly impressed by the metering on the D800e but the real ‘eye-opener’ was the amount and quality of highlight recovery on the D800e.

I mention quality, because I have often found that ‘recovered’ highlights lack texture detail and colour – not the case on the D800e.

Check out some samples over on the website:

Cheers – Todd

Circular Polarizers Compared & Reviewed

Aoraki Mt Cook Summit At Sunset.  South Island New Zealand

Aoraki Mt Cook Summit At Sunset. South Island New Zealand.
I used a polarizer on this one to ‘pop’ the mountain out from the surrounding sky – it also boosted the colour in the blowing snow.

Yep, I am officially the world’s most exciting individual.  Rather than go skiing last weekend I decided to stand in my garden and take countless photos of an innocuous bush with three different brands of circular polariser.

Who needs a D800e review when you have this kind of white knuckle content to look at?

Actually, I really did this because I wasn’t sure whether the Marumi Polarisers that I use were up to the job  on the Nikon D800e – so I compared them to their posher German Heliopan cousins and an older Hoya.

It is Toyota v BMW in polarising face-off.

The results may surprise you:  Which Circular Polarizer is Best For Your DSLR

Cheers – Todd

World Exclusive Release – Aoraki Mt Cook Sunrise From Hooker Valley, New Zealand

*World Exclusive Release*

View More Mt Cook New Zealand Photos On

Here’s a shot I shared yesterday on Trey Ratcliff’s Variety Hour – it was it’s first public showing, as it has been kicking around my harddrive for about 4 years.  It is one that I personally enjoy, and have kept to myself really.

It was my second ‘appearance’ on the show and once again it was a blast to be in the same space as some really inspirational people.

You can check out the recorded show here:

I have just completed a Canon 5dmkii vs Nikon D800 side-by-side test

I will try to get some results up tomorrow or Friday – very interesting……. especially when prints are compared.

Cheers – TMS


Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 VRii User Review – On Nikon D800e


OK, I have been remiss.

After all my grizzling and whining about the delayed arrival of the Nikon D800e I have yet to post my impressions of the beast after owning it for about 6 weeks.

Let’s just say that the D800e is a whole new world of photographic goodness – I have just finished some side by side print tests with the Canon 5dmkii tonight and it is in a whole different league once you start making up-rezzed prints. More on that later this week.

I have started writing a comprehensive review of the D800e and as part of that process I have ended up testing some of our new lenses.

First out of the block is the stunning Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 VRii. I have reviewed it from a landscape photography perspective and I am happy with the way it has turned out – I hope you enjoy it too – if so please share it about.

Cheers – Todd