An Interesting Read

Autumn Reflections - Lake Wanaka, South Island New Zealand

Autumn Reflections – Lake Wanaka, South Island New Zealand
This Image has nothing to do with the book that I am referring to in this post – it is just a pretty picture that soothes my soul :-)

I am currently reading the kindle edition of the Dan Ariel’s Predictably Irrational.  What a great read – this book pretty much explains every crappy purchasing decision that I have made in the past 30 years.

There are some really revealing principles in the book, especially pertinent to photographers trying to figure out how to price their prints and position themselves in a competitive market place.  I suspect that it is no accident that this book was recommended to me by Trey Ratcliff of Stuckincustoms fame.

The writing is funny, entertaining and laced with subtle sexual innuendo – it is no small co-incidence that most of these pricing principles can be applied to the dating game!

As I am prone to say: Check it out.

Cheers – Todd