New Beginnings – New Blog!

Summer winds whip up waves on the east shore of Lake Pukaki. Setting sun on horizon in this NZ landscape picture. Near Mount Cook National Park.

Summer winds whip up waves on the east shore of Lake Pukaki . Near Mount Cook National Park, Canterbury, South Island New Zealand. Check out the story behind this image over on our new blog!


Hi everybody!

We have recently launched a new website, after more than two years of planning, false starts, building and tweaking – it has been a somewhat painful experience at times, but we got there!

Anyway, part of this new website is our Blog.  So far Sarah & I have been posting daily for over three weeks and I can’t see that easing up in a hurry – we have so many great new images to share along with a backlog of gear reviews to write, and heaps of  New Zealand travel and photography advice to dispense!

So the terribly neglected Photo Autocracy will be segueing into a ‘blog about a blog’ – I will post links to our articles here and hopefully keep you all happy!

Head on over to read all about the making of today’s image – enjoy!

Cheers – Todd (and Sarah)



Kaikoura Sunset | Free iPad Wallpaper

New Zealand Photos | Nor' West clouds over Seaward Kaikoura Mountains By Todd Sisson

Dramatic sunset clouds over the Kaikoura Mountains, East Coast, South Island New Zealand. Photographer Todd Sisson.

Welcome one and all to my Wednesday Wallpaper – on Thursday – although I’m sure it is still hump day somewhere….

This was made a couple of year’s back on a very productive three day trip up to Kaikoura, on the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island.  You can view many more New Zealand photos over on our website.

If you are wanting this puppy as a desktop or iPad wallpaper,  you will need to grab the large version from this link:  [free iPad wallpaper] Password = freewallpaper

Safe travels on the web WordPressers!

Cheers – Todd

p.s. more than happy to discuss how our images are made in the comments stream.

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Wednesday’s Free iPad Wallpaper | Pouakai Ridge Sunrise, Mt Taranaki New Zealand

Photos of New Zealand Landscapes | Red Sunrise Pouakai Ridge Taranaki

Red sky and sunstar over New Zealand alpine tussocks from Pouakai Ridge at sunrise – Mt Egmont National Park.

Welcome to Wednesday and August (WTF???).

A little respite from South Island scenery this week, this image was made from the Pouakai Ridge on the Northern flank of Mt Taranaki.  Sarah & I hiked up in the dark on the previous evening – fortunately the sun broke through, as it would have been a lot of effort for a photo of fog & mist shrouded tusssocks….

As always, this is available as a [free iPad wallpaper] Password = freewallpaper

Tech Detritus:  Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L USM (@17mm) f/16 ISO100.  Edited using Adobe Photoshop CS6 on 15″ Apple MacBook Pro and Apple Cinema Display.

Have a great week – feel free to follow my blog!

Cheers – Todd

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Today’s New Zealand Landscape Photo

Blue Lake Sunset, St Bathans Otago New Zealand

Sunset over The Blue Lake, St Bathans Central Otago – this lake was formed in the gully created by gold mining activities back in Ye Olde Olden days. A very pretty addition to the landscape and a real photographic gem.

Howdy all!

This one has been sitting in unfinished for  a few months.  No, not HDR, just a singh ray grad filter and a D7000.  Image processed in LR4.

We will  most likely be visiting the Blue Lake on our upcoming Central Otago Landscape Photography Workshops.

This to me strikes a nice balance between warm and cold colours.  What do you reckon? – is there such a thing as too much sunset action?

Cheers – Todd

Sunrise Portobello Harbour - Otago Peninsula, Dunedin, New Zealand

Room A Thousand Years Wide

Sunrise Portobello Harbour - Otago Peninsula, Dunedin, New Zealand

Sunrise Over Portobello Village - Otago Peninsula, New Zealand

This image was made just down the road from my old crib in Broad Bay on the Otago Peninsula.

I was going to entitle this post Cellulite Skies but for some reason the Soundgarden song title seemed more inspired :-)

Nikon D2x 

Nikkor 12-24mm

Singh-ray 3 stop grad


These days I would probably dispense with the grad filter and blend a couple of exposures in a situation such as this where the ridgelines are so complex and the range of tonality so deep.


Cheers – Todd


How To Make Great Landscape Images Part ii – You Gotta Show Some ‘Flex’

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