The Shadows Slider – Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4’s Killer Upgrade Feature

Lightroom 4 Shadows Test

Exposures (and subjects) don’t get much worse than this. Lightroom 3 left us with a sow’s ear – can Adobe Lightroom 4 make us a shiny new silk purse? – Well, I guess the answer is fairly obvious, otherwise what would be the point of this post eh?…….


If you are a Lightroom 3 user wondering whether it is worth making the upgrade leap to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 you will want to have a look at my review of the newly re-invigorated Shadows Slider.

There are a pile of excellent tweaks to Lightroom in version 4 but the Shadows Slider is da bomb.

I have just completed a little review on sisson| photos of New Zealand  showing the power of LR4’s newly anointed shadow busting powers – the results will amaze.  As I am prone to saying, check it out….

Adobe Photoshop Light room 4 Reason To Upgrade | The Shadows Recovery Slider

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Cheers – Todd