Lexar Savings!!! | My Recommended Compact Flash & SD Cards For Nikon D800

I was just shopping for a new compact flash card for the Nikon D800e and stumbled across some great Lexar savings on Amazon (SAVINGS  END TOMORROW –  7 AUGUST)

I have shifted exclusively to the 400x Lexar cards with the D800 as I find they offer the very best performance value per dollar spent.  Sandisk is the other brand that I have had great performance from, but they seem to be pricier than Lexar at present – especially with 35%-65% off my recommended cards.

If you are planning to buy the D800 or waiting for your D800e you should grab a couple of these TODAY – it is hard to visualise how quickly you will chew up and spit out card space until you start shooting 36mp files for real.  I think 16GB is the minimum card size for serious shooting on the D800 and I have just moved up to a 32GB last month and find it to be good for a couple of days in the field.

Here are my recommended sets (I shoot to CF and backup to SD) – The 16GB sets are extraordinarily cheap!!


Lexar 32 GB 400x Compact Flash Card ($129.88 save 35%)  (only 6 in stock!)

Lexar Professional 600x 32 GB SDHC ($69.95 save 49%)


Lexar 16 GB 400x Compact Flash Card ($49.95 – save 63%)

Lexar Professional 400x 16 GB SDHC Card ($19.95 save 71%)

Don’t dither – these savings end tomorrow!

Cheers – Todd