The Road To St Bathans, Central Otago, South Island New Zealand

The road to St Bathans Central Otago New Zealand

Today’s New Zealand Photo: The road to St Bathans Central Otago New Zealand

Your New Zealand photo of the day – proudly brought to you by sisson New Zealand photography (that’s me and my wifey Sarah :-)

Cheers – Todd


Photo for The Weekend :)

Here’s my final Flickr post for the week – shot this winter up near St Bathans, Central Otago. Taken from St Bathans Downs Road.  More info on Flickr.

Have a great weekend – Go the AB’s (and the Welsh :)

Cheers – Todd


How To Make Great Landscape Photos Part i

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So how do you make great landscape photos? Unfortunately you don’t. My (unofficial) mantra is as follows: nature photographers don’t make great photos – nature does. Not everyone would agree with this, I know, but in my experience every single one … Continue reading