Wednesday Wallpaper | Flowering Lupines – Lake Tekapo, South Island New Zealand

New-Zealand-Photo-Lake-Tekapo-Lupins Mackenzie Basin New Zealand

Russell Lupins in bloom along the road to Lake Alexandrina. Lake Tekapo in the background, South Island New Zealand.

Welcome to another Wednesday morning and today’s FREE!!! iPad Wallpaper (are 3 exclamation marks enough???!!!)

July is rapidly evaporating – I must admit that I’m looking forward to a respite from all the fog and frost we have been getting down here though, roll on August…..

This image was made by my lovely and talented wife, Sarah.  It has just been featured as a double page spread New Zealand Geographic’s latest publication – Southern Exposure – which is well worth purchasing if you are a fan of New Zealand imagery (not just landscape photos either).

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Have a great week.

Cheers – Todd

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Russell Lupins – Mackenzie Country, South Island New Zealand

russell lupins lake tekapo mackenzie country New Zealand

Roadside Drift Of Lupins Near Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

We don’t have fields of  native wildflowers here in New Zealand.  Our most showy native is the coastal Pohutukawa tree – which is of little use if you live in the middle of NZ like I do.

Fortunately, a crafty farm wife in Lake Tekapo decided to do something about this dismal situation and set about spreading lupin seed throughout the Mackenzie Basin.  The plan was so successful that lupins are now officially an invasive weed.  Most people, myself included, consider this to be a load of fun-wrecking bureaucratic nonsense – so much so that there has been a plaque erected in Lake Tekapo celebrating this woman’s efforts.*

Lupine Field, Ahuriri River, Mackenzie Country, South Island New Zealand

Lupine Field, Ahuriri River, Mackenzie Country, South Island New Zealand


Lupin flowering peaks from late November through Mid December.  The 2011 season was spectacular – with huge drifts of pristine blooms evident from Lake Tekapo through to the Lindis Pass.

We are planning to run Lupin workshops during the 2012 flowering season – we will keep you posted with the details.

Cheers – Todd



* I didn’t know I’d be writing this post – so I forgot to note down her name.