More Nikon D800e Sample Photos | D800e landscape shots

Howdy folks!

Just thought that I would post a few snaps from a trip up to the Blue Lake that I made with my kids, Jack & Indi, this week.

These were all made on the D800e handheld with the remarkable Nikon 85mm f1.4G (review in progress :-). These images illustrate the exceptional sharpness and bokeh produced by this lens when used in tandem with the full frame D800. None of the images have been substantially enhanced in LR4 – just a dab of output sharpening and some clarity (I find that I do very little to many of my D800e images – they are so nice out of the box).

UPDATED: I have moved the full resolution D800e sample images from Flickr to my Photoshelter account – use the password freeD800pics to download them

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Cheers – Todd

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